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  D r . S h a d y  O s m a n  

Interventional Radiologist 

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Dr. Shady Osman


Dr Shady Osman is an Interventional Radiologist at Liverpool and Sydney South West Private Hospitals in Sydney.

He graduated from Medicine at Auckland University in 2012 and became a fellow of the Royal Australia and New Zealand college of Radiologist in 2019. He spent 2019 undertaking advanced training in General MRI and Interventional Radiology in Auckland, New Zealand. Following this he obtained a further Interventional Radiology fellowship training at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney. In 2020 he obtained his European Board of Interventional Radiology (EBIR) qualifications.


Dr Osman specialises in minimally invasive image-guided procedures and has an interest in Diagnostic (MRI liver and prostate) and Interventional oncology. He is also especially interested in embolization procedures including venous disease, hepatobiliary oncology and pain management with a focus on vertebroplasty.

He is currently the Co-director of training at Liverpool hospital and is a strong advocate for education and Radiology trainee development. 

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