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  D r . H a o  X i a n g  

Interventional Radiologist 


Dr. Hao Xiang

MBBS (Hons II), FRANZCR, Radiologist

Dr Xiang completed his MBBS (Hons II) at UNSW in 2011, winning the GR Cameron Prize for pathology. Following this he completed internship and residency at Nepean Hospital before being accepted into radiology training at Concord Hospital. During his radiology training he served as the trainee representative for NSW for two consecutive years, and was a member of the research committee with RANZCR. After obtaining his FRANZCR in 2019, he undertook an interventional radiology fellowship in Vancouver, Canada under the University of British Columbia from 2019 to 2020. Dr Xiang currently holds interventional radiology appointments at Liverpool Hospital as a VMO, and at Concord Hospital as a staff specialist.

His areas of interest include transradial and distal transradial access for arterial procedures, interventional oncology of liver and renal tumours (TACE, SIRT and ablation), and men's and women's health procedures (uterine artery embolisation, varicocele embolisation, ovarian vein embolisation). Diagnostic radiology interests include imaging of the vascular system, particularly using CTA and MRA.



Dr Xinag’s Subspecialty Interventional Procedures

Oncology, Vascular, Microwave, Radio-frequency Ablation, Cryotherapy, Embolisation, Men and Women’s Health Intervention and Pain Management

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